Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Survey on Political Views of Pagans

Hello all. As part of a research project on the political views of Norse Pagans (=Heathens, Asatru members, Asatruar) in the USA. I have devised a poll on the topic for members of this Pagan community. However, after thinking more, I realized it would be useful to also ask members of non-Asatru, non-Norse Pagan groups, about their political perspectives. My hope is to be able to contrast the political profile of Asatru members with other Pagans. At this stage, I am only seeking responses from Pagans in the USA, but this could extend to other countries in the future. The survey is rather crude, only ten questions, but it is designed to at least highlight some broad-brush differences between right-wing and left-wing, conservative and liberal positions. I encourage you to participate either in the Asatru poll, if you are involved with Norse Paganism, or the non-Asatru poll, if you are Wiccan, Goddess-worshipping, Celtic, Hellenic, or other types of Pagan.

Note: these surveys are for USA citizens and residents only. I hope to develop versions for other countries in future, but at this point, USA only.

All responses are anonymous. Neither I nor anyone else will know who you are if you answer this survey. No such information is collected. The system is however designed to allow each person to respond to the survey only one time. You can change your answers up to the point where you exit, but once you do exit the survey, you cannot go back and change answers.

Here is the link for the Asatru survey:
Click here to take survey

Here is the link for the non-Asatru survey:
Click here to take survey

I will discuss results at a future date.


Jason Pitzl-Waters said...

Could I re-publish this post at Pagan+Politics ( I think it might up your respondents.

Julia Ergane said...

I have taken the poll; however, I did wish that there was a way to identify me as an Hellenic Recon/Revivalist.

Maelstrom said...

Yes, that would be fine to republish it. Feel free to copy the whole posting to give the full information. Others should feel free to do the same. The more input, the merrier. If there is a problem with the links, let me know and I can post them in a different form.

Maelstrom said...

Sorry that it does not give you a way to specify your particular variety of Paganism. This is because the purpose is simply to get a broad, general contrast between political views in Asatru/Heathenry compared to other types of Paganism. A survey project for each type of Paganism is something I might undertake in future, but it is not the current intention. I hope this helps you understand why this is as it is.

Lhinelle said...

Took the Asatru version, and it might help to have options other than "support, hate, don't care" when it comes to things like the government and the military. I had to choose the "don't care" options simply because my views tend towards support for certain aspects of these things and rejecting others and they tend to balance out.

Like any survey, careful how you use the data you collect.

Anonymous said...

The first answer choice in #3 creates a false dilemma. I am very pro-military, but would never say anything as extreme as "trust it completely." This forces me into another answer that doesn't reflect my position.

#10 also tends to force an answer in that I, for example, believe government has a duty to provide a (very small) safety net, so I wouldn't say "yes" (which would have the implication that I think the net should be large), but I wouldn't say "no" (since that position is too extreme), and I wouldn't want to mark "unsure" (since I am quite sure about my position of limited state responsibility).

I am ecstatic that there is a pagan group (Asatru) out there that represents a libertarian/conservative alternative to other pagan groups. I am militantly anti-racist and anti-Nazi and despise these turds, but heaven forbid that I were to associate with a leftist-oriented paganism...;)

Maelstrom said...

Thanks for criticisms. As I said, I am really REALLY aware that this survey is a very crude instrument. Even with its limitations, however, it is helping me see patterns of attitudes and views that I will look forward to discussing at a future point. Then you will all bow down and offer praise to the All-Knowing Survey...or maybe not. At least you should be able to see what it was all about.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent poll. One issue: I identified as democratic socialist... I could only choose 'liberal' as a political designation... kinda limiting.

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