Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Seeking the Light in the Darkness: Winter Solstice 2016

Tonight is the night of the winter solstice, the time of year when the earth is farthest from the sun and days are at their shortest and nights their most long and dark and cold. This is a time of year when ancient Pagan peoples would celebrate light in darkness and the hope of renewal to come in the new year. In America, after the election of a man who seems intent on raping and defiling Mother Earth to the maximum degree possible and devastating the natural environment for the sake of corporate profit, the solstice, with its echoes of ancient peoples who cultivated an earth-centered spirituality, has extra meaning to me. I say to my friends, embrace the light. Tend to that spark of truth and good will within yourself, and prepare for battle in the New Year.

Prepare to stand up and fight against lies, greed, intolerance, bullying, racism, and oppression. Remember that many who supported Trump were not well-informed or fully aware of what they were endorsing or empowering. Many were simply fed-up with the difficult conditions of life today, and hoping for reasons that I still do not fully understand that an orange-haired, celebrity-bully-billionaire would be the answer to their frustrations. Let us hope that in months to come they will see the light of truth and realize that this man is not their savior, and that his election represents not their salvation but a huge and harmful mistake that we will have to work very hard to resist, rectify and move beyond. Peace.

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